Saturday, November 26, 2011

Misc Happenings - Nov recap

Ambassador Day...
...went really well! A HUGE thank you to all the LGO volunteers for making the day such a success. Leah and Jane in Admissions do a great job presenting the program in a professional way to potential students. It was fun sorta being the 'face' of the LGO program to the attendees. I really enjoyed leading this effort!
Last year Brad wouldn't take a picture of me with the balloons because he said it was 'unprofessional' or something. This year I made sure I got my picture with them. Yay!

Ice Hockey
I know it's hard to believe, but I play ice hockey now! Playing on the team is definitely in the top 5 best experiences of LGO. Our team is pretty terrible but it still is SO much fun! Michael Joyce does an amazing job coaching!

Me looking completely ridiculous

"Out on the ice" :-)

I am now the ripe old age of twenty-seven. Brad threw me a birthday party that I kinda hijacked and turned into an LGO/Baltic (my sloan cohort) party. It couldn't have turned out any better! I ended up cooking the 70+ guests a Tex-mex fajita dinner but the best part was just getting to chill with my new Boston friends!

Pie Night
It is a tradition in the Sommerkorn household to have a whole night dedicated to pie. When they first told me about this I couldn't even think of more than maybe four types of pie. They have really expanded my pie horizons over the last 6 months! This year pie night was on my birthday and it was a great way to celebrate! I acted as Liz's sous chef and got to learn even more about various types of pie. Liz made 14 pies for the occasion (she is SO talented!). It was fun asking guests which pie was there favorite. It was a really tough question because all of them were so stinkin' good! Crowd favorites were the Apple/Cranberry/Ginger pie and classic French Silk but the most talked about pie was the delicious Peanut Butter Bacon pie.

With only a couple days off school and work and with flights being pretty pricey, we decided to stay in town for Thanksgiving. The amazing Crail's had us over for dinner to celebrate. Paige and Clayton are incredible hosts and made us feel right at home with their delicious smoked turkey, super sweet tea, and the Dallas Cowboys football game!

Newport Mansions
Over Thanksgiving Break Brad and I rented a car and drove to Rhode Island for the day. We went to see the beautiful Newport Mansions decorated for Christmas. On the way down there I connected that this was the same city in which my dad was born so we got to stop by and see the house he was born in and spent the first 10 years of his life.

My dad's childhood home

I could definitely see myself being a-okay living in this era in one of these 'summer cottages'. The women couldn't have a job, vote, or hold office and they had 40+ person staff that took care of all the cooking and cleaning. Their sole job in life was planning parties. They had $300K (in today's dollars, $7M) budgets to host 400+ person parties that even the president would attend. Yes, definitely could get use to this life...

 The Elms

Side view of the Breakers - Cost $322M in today's dollars to build

Coastline - Cliff Walk

It is crazy to think we only have a few more weeks left of the fall semester. It has absolutely flown by. I'm trying to make the most of still being on campus in classes because I'm doing an off-cycle internship at MGH starting in February. I'll be writing more about that in the spring!