Thursday, January 26, 2012

InterviewFest Preparations

This time last year I was overjoyed to have gotten an invitation to InterviewFest and I know those that have been selected to interview this year are probably feeling excited and nervous about next Friday and Monday. I typically go overboard on these types of things so if you don't do all the stuff I did you'll probably be fine, but if you are looking for more ways to prepare, this might give you some ideas. I prepared for my interview by reading official (Sloan and LGO admissions) and unofficial (blogs, clearadmit, and other websites) interview advice and compiled the following checklist:

To prep for the LGO interview I…

…reviewed a ton of past Sloan interview questions from ClearAdmit’s website and grouped the questions into themes. From there I came up with multiple stories that would fit those types of questions and mapped out the STAR (situation, task, action, result) for the story. I even practiced saying the stories aloud making sure I could get to my points quickly and concisely. Be prepared to have the interviewer probe into your story for lots of details about how you, your boss, peers, etc felt, what you/they did, etc.
…prepped for LGO specific questions like- why LGO, why are you interested in XYZ engineering discipline, how will you contribute to LGO, etc.
…did a bunch of research on all the partner companies. I thought about which ones I was the most interested in and why.
…looked up common MBA interview mistakes.
…created a list of four or so ‘brand themes’ I wanted to cover and had specific short stories to reinforce them. I thought about possible weaknesses in my application as areas to focus on in the interview (if possible).
…reviewed my application and was familiar with my essays.
…had a friend give me a mock interview from the sample questions I had compiled (above).
…and finally, relaxed, got lots of sleep the night before, and knew that if LGO was meant to be it would happen!

Good luck to all the folks interviewing over the next couple of weeks! I'm looking forward to meeting everyone on campus! If you have any specific questions, feel free to reach out to me.

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