Wednesday, August 17, 2011

China Leaders for Global Operations (CLGO)

Oh, the CLGOs….I love them so much! We have a sister program with one of the top universities in China. Each year either we visit China or they visit us. This year they came to the US for 2 weeks and spent a week here with us in Boston. For almost all of them this was their first time in the US and first opportunity to be immersed in English conversation. Some of my favorite memories:
  • At dinner someone asked, “Why do Americans love Lady Gaga so much?”
  • They told me in China when someone is surprised they say, “Oh- my- Lady Gaga!”
  • When they met Brad they kept telling me how “handsome” and “very good looking” he was.
  • Trying to explain the correct response to “How are you doing?” Do you really say how you are doing or do you just say “Fine”?
  • Learning how to speak a little Chinese and instead of saying “thank you,” I kept saying “uncle”. Finally I just decided to always say “Thank you uncle!” They would then laugh hysterically at me.
  • Getting to have a traditional Chinese meal with them and learning all about the dishes. Apparently General Tso’s chicken isn’t actually Chinese!
  • Michael Joyce and I just ordered water at the Chinese dinner and one of the leaders apparently felt that this must mean they weren’t being good hosts, so they had every type of soda the restaurant had brought over to the table.
  • At the end of their visit they showed the most amazing slideshow of pictures and memories. They were just SO sweet!

Next year is our year to visit them so in March on our international plant trek we will get to visit them. I can’t wait!

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  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun, thank you for sharing Ashleigh!