Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We did schoolwork this summer? All I remember is the fun!


Early in the summer I hosted a dinner party in the penthouse of my building. Brad and I thought that because our apartment would be so small in Boston we wouldn’t be able to host dinner parties for these two years. We were wrong! About 50 people came and we got to try a ton of delicious food. The view wasn’t bad either! Yum!


Brad and I learned to sail over the summer at the MIT sailing pavilion. It is just steps away from our apartment and the lessons and use of the boats are completely free! It has been a great way to take advantage of the stunning Boston summer weather and get out on the water. Every morning when I wake up, I feel like I say the same thing – “Today is a great day to be in Boston!”

Brad is hoping to get the next level of certification so we can take out the bigger MIT boats that hold 8-10 people. Wine and cheese anyone?

4th of July Spectacular

What better city to celebrate 4th of July in but Boston? It is an LGO tradition to always hold a daylong celebration at the MIT sailing pavilion as a class. We couldn’t have asked for better weather that day. The fireworks were literally the best I’ve seen. Ah-mazing!

For more pictures: 4th of July Celebration

Our Four Year Anniversary 

Brad did a really nice job with our anniversary this year (is anyone really surprised?). He started the day by having roses waiting for me outside of my classroom. He had to work with the LGO administration to figure out which classroom we were using that day. Very sneaky!

Our sweet friends, Allison and Joey Dean, gave us a gift certificate to a really nice seafood restaurant in Boston so we went there for dinner. It was delicious and really fun to get dressed up! The only funny thing was wearing a dress and Brad in a tie and jacket on the subway. We felt only slightly overdressed. J


Liz and Peter Summerkorn are another couple at LGO and live in our building. It has been fun getting to know them over the summer. One of many wonderful aspects of being friends with them is their love for and skill at eating and making PIE. We’ve had some pretty fantastic midnight pie decimation sessions with whole pies being consumed in a single sitting. Be impressed.

Liz has been so kind to *attempt* to teach me how to make amazing pie like her. The first session was actually pretty successful. I can’t wait to learn more types of pie!

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  1. Next lesson: chocolate cream pie. I LOVE that you guys appreciate pie!!